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Welcome to the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange, or ALICE, the one-stop web-based public library of progressive state and local laws.  The library includes model laws, meaning suggested general language for a law, ready to be tailored to a particular jurisdiction; "exemplary" laws that have been introduced or enacted somewhere and are worthy of replication; and various types of "supports" that help to make the argument for particular laws.  The ALICE library now houses over 1,500 exemplary laws, model laws, and supporting research documents!

As the ALICE library continues to grow, we value your input on, and contributions to, its content. You can help us continue to grow the library by sharing your ideas for model laws and submitting progressive laws and supporting documents. You can also sign up to draft a model law for the project.  To get started- visit our Drafting Suggestions page to choose a policy topic for your model law and then sign up to draft here.


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How to Use the ALICE Website

There are many ways to search the ALICE library to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many parameters that you can utilize to search the library, including subject, policy area, year, state, source, and more. This brief tutorial on how to use the alicelaw.org website can help you find innovative and progressive legislation and supporting research documents with ease.


ALICE Policy Toolkit: Universal Voter Registration

The right to vote is at the heart of American democracy. However, millions of voters are discouraged from casting a ballot each election because of high barriers to registering to vote. The ALICE universal voter registration toolkit has a range of policy actions that states and localities can take to automate, modernize, and streamline the registration process to encourage greater civic participation.


Blog Post: What's Cooking in States' Carbon Tax Laboratories?

Taxing carbon emissions would be an important step in addressing the growing problem of climate change. With little movement on the federal level, state legislators are beginning to experiment with legislation to reduce US carbon emissions. Read ALICE's latest contribution to the Law Professors Blog to find out the recent action in state legislatures to combat global climate change.





Failures of Privatization

Many local and state governments have turned over the provision of various public services to for-profit companies, usually to save money. New reports from In the Public Interest and the Colorado Center for Policy Studies both demonstrate how short-sighted that decision can be. Unforseen costs often eat up all the anticipated savings, even when labor costs are cut dramatically. And while outsourcing usually cuts wages paid to local workers, profits often flow to out-of-state corporations, siphoning money out of the local economy. For many communities, outsourcing is a bad bet.


Corporate Tax Avoidance

90. That is how many Fortune 500 companies paid zero state income tax in at least one year between 2008 and 2012. Corporate tax reform is urgently needed to make corporations pay their fair share. A new report from Citizens for Tax Justice entitled "90 Reasons We Need State Corporate Tax Reform" examines state-level tax data from 269 Fortune 500 companies, showing how their tax avoidance hurts state governments.

Check out this new report in the ALICE library.


ALICE Policy Toolkit: Zombie Debt

Zombie debt: it's as scary as it sounds. Recently, debt collectors have brought up countless lawsuits to obtain default judgments that target the wrong debtor, for the wrong amount, or on debt that is already discharged. The ALICE toolkit on Zombie Debt contains research and model laws that you can use to combat the egregious abuses that consumers often face at the hands of debt collectors.

Check out the Zombie Debt toolkit, one of three toolkits relating to economic security.